What happens during online hypnotherapy sessions?

Starting a therapy online: with hypnosis it’s possible… and effective!

Hypnotherapy over the Internet is not that different from a session in a more « classic » setting, in which you and the hypnotherapist are in the same room. You will simply need a good Internet connection, a microphone, a webcam and headphones.

Even if you are new to hypnosis, you can discover this efficient and powerful therapy from the comfort of your own home thanks to an online session.

The prospect of being able to offer sessions remotely initially sparked my interest due to my passion for travel. In the context of the lockdown I was able to discover this was a very real possibility, and I am delighted to now be able to offer sessions to everyone, anywhere in the world, from wherever I am.

How does an online hypnosis session work?

After receiving my first two hour hypnotherapy session, I was convinced. Guided by the hypnotherapist, eventually my arms started to move « by themselves » and my subconscious mind was filled with images and concepts flowing uninterrupted in a beautiful space of creative freedom… I had clearly been in a hypnotic state! Three days later, I put these teachings into practice and hypnotized my friend Nicolas over the internet, guided by the following:

A set therapeutic framework

Even if the context is different when you are at home, I ask for the same personal symbolic investment. Make sure you will not be disturbed during the session, be on time and in a relaxed, open state of mind!

An altered state of consciousness

I am used to the hypnotic state: I’ve been experiencing it for ten years now and have been hypnotized hundreds of times. It is something I really love to explore again and again. But what about someone who doesn’t know hypnosis at all, like my friend Nicolas? This session has confirmed to me that it’s possible to discover the hypnotic state via webcam… which makes a lot of sense: hypnotherapy is not something that is done by the hypnotherapist to the subject, but rather a natural state that is already within you. The therapist is simply providing a platform, a context, a pointer for you to access what is already there.

An effective communication

Online sessions will be similar to a conversation: we will co-create this journey into your inner world and ensure that we are always connected! And, if at some point the sound gets cut off, all we’ll have to do is restart the call. We will pick up where we left off, and continue to go deeper together.

Join me on Zoom to start your first online hypnosis session

You seem to be ready! Trust your unconscious mind, it will find the perfect level of intensity for you. Each hypnotic state is unique, adapted to your needs. It doesn’t have to be spectacular: even a hypnotic trance that may seem not so deep carries the seeds of your change within. So remember to put your phone on its silent mode and let’s connect!

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2 commentaires sur « What happens during online hypnotherapy sessions? »

  1. Hello, I joined your group on Meetup app. I have hair loss problem and am curious to know whether it’s possible to regrow hair using hypnosis.
    I am a MD, interested in hypnosis, shamanism and spirituality.


    1. Dear Roya,

      Hypnotherapy can surely help in some cases since hair loss can be caused by stress and/or trauma, which hypnosis can help with.

      There hasn’t been much research on the subject though, only a few. Here are the results of one of them:

      « The study at issue here is called “Hypnotic Approaches for Alopecia Areata.” It was conducted in 2006 by a group of Belgian researchers led by Ria Willemsen, a dermatologist and hypnotherapist in Meise, Belgium.

      Willemsen took 28 patients with extensive alopecia areata, all of whom had seen poor hair growth results from conventional treatments. Each patient underwent hypnosis, during which they were provided with “symptom-oriented suggestions [and] suggestions to improve self-esteem.” Only 21 of the patients ultimately completed the study.

      Afterwards, every patient showed significant decreases in anxiety and depression, as measured by a standardized test. Where hair regrowth was concerned, “twelve out of 21 patients, including 4 with total loss of scalp hair, presented a significant hair growth.”

      Feel free to contact me at any point,


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