Shamanic Journeys

What is a shamanic journey?

It is a journey into your sacred personal space, what is called the Underworld. This space is the connection between the macrocosm and the microcosm, and can best be summed up with the well known saying: as above, so below. It is a journey into the spiritual world within yourself, a place of primal power, beauty and knowledge. You will dive into the Center of the Earth, lifting the veil that separates the visible and invisible worlds.

What happens during a shamanic journey?

Each journey is different. This world that you will explore, guided by the sound of my voice, varies depending on who you are and what you need, as well as on your religious and spiritual beliefs (if you have any). You will be able to recover your inner power, might meet your totem animal or receive teachings.

How will I travel there?

There are many ways to access the Underworld, such as the shamanic drum or various plant teachers. My tool is my voice ; it will guide you during your journey, the same way it does during a hypnotic transe.

How is it different from hypnotherapy?

The shamanic journeys that I’m offering are directly in line with the transpersonal current, which is not necessarily the case with hypnosis. I will help you create a mantra or intention that will help you surrender to something greater than yourself.

A ritual is put in place, most often with Tibetan bowls, palo santo (sacred wood from the Amazon, that we burn to purify places and beings) and sometimes recordings of icaros or music that accompany you during your experience.

What happens after the first session?

A week later, we will meet again for an integration session, during which we can discuss the visions that have come to you during your journey, and the changes that you will have noticed in your life as a result of it.

We then will be able to make sense of what happened for you in the shamanic worlds so that we can learn from it, structure your experience and integrate its teachings into your everyday life, the middle world.

This session will also allow you to take stock and decide together whether or not you wish and need to continue exploring and healing, whether with hypnosis or with further journeys.