What happens during a hypnotherapy session?

Before a session

It is important to understand that YOU are in charge of your transformation. While we will do this together, I am only there to help you discover your own resources and capacities through a different state of consciousness.

Ericksonian hypnotherapy

Ericksonian hypnotherapy is therefore very different from a hypnosis “show”. It is a non-intrusive and non-directive approach to regain your inner strength, a guidance in which I adapt the tools to you, and not the other way around.


Even so, it is completely understandable to have associated hypnosis with a loss of control, perhaps because of what you have seen or heard during a show or on television. This may have influenced the way you picture a session, and may create fears. For that reason, I encourage you to let me know any apprehension that you may have beforehand, in order to receive an answer and practice that reassures you.

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During the session

How long does a session last?

A typical session lasts about an hour. The first session will be a little longer and can last up to an hour and a half or even two hours. We will take the time to clarify your goal together before starting the induction phase, the beginning of your hypnotic journey.

Ideomotor signals

It is very likely that during the session I will establish a communication with your unconscious mind, to check if that part of you totally agrees to change a behaviour, or to follow the process in progress. If messages can arrive via a sound or a colour that appears very clearly to you (you can then become the messenger between your unconscious mind and me!), it will often happen via ideomotor signaling. An ideomotor signal can be a finger moving to say yes, an arm lifting to communicate a no, a head tilt for me to get the message that your unconscious mind doesn’t know or isn’t sure about something.

These signals can be a very surprising experience the first time …and even beyond your first discovery of hypnosis! I still happen today to be pleasantly surprised by the way it happens. It is important not to help me by creating that dialogue yourself, consciously. Just let it happen: these unconscious movements are a tangible sign that you are in a hypnotic trance, and therefore that the process has already started.

How will I know I’m in a hypnotic trance?

Signs of trance vary from person to person. I first recognize my own modified states of consciousness because the texture of air in the room seems to change… then when I close my eyes, my eyelids start to blink very quickly and I feel my body as being especially spacious, full of light… bubbles of energy along my arms and legs increase my body temperature. These signs are numerous, diverse and specific to each person: for others, breathing will become more peaceful and slow, colours more intense, there may be a time distortion… Recognize these signs and remember them! You will then be able to use your own signs of trance after our sessions to deepen our work and communicate with your unconscious mind.

Between sessions: self-hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is a great tool that I will be teaching you at the end of our first session. It can allow you to keep working on yourself between sessions and to familiarize yourself with the hypnotic state.

Self-hypnosis will also help you to distance yourself from your thinking or to sleep better, but above all to get to know yourself and to develop a bond with your unconscious mind, to bring some of the magic of hypnosis back home.

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