What is the hypnotic state?

While technological progress (MRI…) has made it possible to confirm the reality of the hypnotic state… there actually seems to be a multitude of them! Numerous pieces of research in neuroscience continue to debate this. So let’s just say, in order to simplify, that in a state of hypnotic trance, your state of mind is… different. Something has shifted.

It is a creative state that will enable you to discover solutions that were previously invisible. These solutions may be hidden behind your limiting beliefs, behind a vision of the world and of yourself that no longer serves you or taught by your family, the people around you and by the culture you grew up in. The hypnotic state will allow you to develop new inner connections to learn and evolve.

What is the unconscious mind?

In hypnotherapy, the unconscious mind is simply everything that is not conscious. It manages our automatic habits and thoughts, our memories and the way we learn. We consider the unconscious mind as an ally, a catalyst to find your inner resources. If the unconscious mind is the therapist’s ally, it is also and above all yours. It is in a way your inner best friend.

It’s the part of you which first noticed that, at some point, smoking was helping you release some of the stress of your daily life, or that it brought you closer to your work colleagues. So it decided to continue this habit, because it was then the best solution for you.

The unconscious mind is the one which, during a traumatic experience, created those defence mechanisms that you now see as a problem. It is also the one who tried to communicate with you through emotions you did not want to listen to, until it had to develop that insomnia to be heard … but it seems like you still aren’t receiving the message.

How can I communicate with my unconscious mind?

The hypnotic state, or trance, makes it possible to establish a more direct dialogue with the unconscious mind. This trance will allow you to develop new automatic mechanisms and behaviours. We say they are ecological because they will function in symbiosis with your internal and external universe: with your values, with your goals and with your daily life. The hypnotic state is a natural state, available to anyone at any moment, even if you do not think you are hypnotizable… It’s already a part of you.

Hypnosis is a tool that will help you regain the freedom to choose who you want to be and how you want to act. It will help give back some control to that part of you that has the capacity to create the change you desire. Are you ready yet?