Hypnosis and its applications

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a short-term therapy. It aims, between one and ten sessions, to reach a goal set during our first meeting.

Hypnosis is recommended to:

  • learn to manage stress
  • overcome fear
  • understand a symptom
  • overcome trauma

  • facilitate mourning
  • free oneself from an addiction
  • resolve sexual issues
  • feel better after a breakup
  • regain self-confidence

It can also be useful in the context of…

  • personal development: get to know oneself better, develop a skill (i.e. creativity, interpersonal communication), become aware of our subconscious patterns …
  • spiritual development: to (re)discover a state of expansion of consciousness, to find one’s soul purpose…

Can hypnosis heal?

Please note that hypnotherapy is not intended to replace your GP or health professional in terms of advice, diagnosis or treatment (i.e. during a pregnancy or illness).

Hypnosis and spirituality

Our sessions might happen within a transpersonal paradigm, which considers the spiritual dimension of your being as an ally of your transformation.

My values

The values at the core of my practice are the ones I adhere to in my daily life: freedom and authenticity. While we might call upon a guide or your spirit animal, start a ritual or use complementary techniques (breathing, meditation…), these symbols and practices will always be adapted to you and to the way you view the world. Likewise, while it is possible during a session to explore a past life or to help you on a transgenerational level, these journeys can also be perceived as a simple metaphor with considerable therapeutic potential.